Managed Cybersecurity Services

State-of-the-art security solutions and proactive monitoring to keep your data and people safe

Scale confidently while HERO Managed Services LLC keeps your business IT safe from emerging threats on all fronts

Long gone are the days when cybersecurity meant simply deploying antivirus on your employees’ computers. With online attacks growing more sophisticated and more destructive by the second, you need an all-encompassing defense strategy that is tailored to protect your specific IT environment. This translates into putting in place cutting-edge cybersecurity framework and solutions like firewalls, threat scans, access controls, and multifactor authentication, and more, as well as ensuring your staff always practice healthy password habits. And as threats never stop evolving, you need skilled professionals to monitor your network and keep your tools current and optimized at all times.

Hiring more in-house IT personnel to handle these complex, ongoing tasks will be expensive, and finding the right cybersecurity services for small businesses is not always easy. That’s where HERO Managed Services LLC’s Managed Cybersecurity services can help. We provide a simple, cost-efficient solution that helps you achieve all of these benefits without hurting your budget.


With Managed Cybersecurity Services from HERO Managed Services LLC, you can expect:

  • Detailed assessments of your IT environment and current cybersecurity health
  • More visibility into your protection performance and the underlying vulnerabilities in your systems, thanks to our findings
  • A strategic, multilayered security plan that is designed to fill in the gaps in your current defense scheme and fortify your overall cybersecurity
  • A suite of robust protection tools that includes all the staples as well as modern solutions like a password manager, email protection, and more
  • 24/7 monitoring, real-time threat remediation, and routine software updates as part of Network Security services
  • On-demand, easy-to-understand security awareness training that keeps your team members on the same page with the latest scams and cyber hygiene rules

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