Advantages of switching to a VoIP system for your Florida business

June 26th, 2020
Advantages of switching to a VoIP system for your Florida business

A major legacy of the coronavirus pandemic is the shift from physical to virtual living, forcing Floridians and people the world over to adapt to a life online. We’ve changed the way we shop, attend meetings, hang out with friends, and conduct business.

The pandemic also revealed the advantage that companies using digital tools have versus those that don’t. It was easier for the former to pivot their operations to a remote work setup when the lockdown happened. The rest had to play catch up.

One of those digital tools making a difference during this pandemic period is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

What is VoIP?

Unlike analog telephones that transmit voice messages through copper wire cables, VoIP converts sound into digital data and sends it through the internet. This gives VoIP phone systems greater functionality and makes them an ideal tool for the digital era.

According to the Florida Public Service Commission’s 2019 report, there has been a steady increase of VoIP business subscribers in the Sunshine State since 2012. That means more local businesses stand a better chance of making it through the new normal because they have the digital tools to survive.

What are the benefits of going VoIP?

Overall, VoIP systems reduce cost, increase productivity, and improve time management. Let’s examine these benefits in detail.

#1 Cheaper cost per call

With a traditional analog phone, a call between two people takes up a whole line. That’s why it’s expensive to make long-distance calls back in the day.

VoIP allows for multiple calls using the same Internet Protocol (IP), making local and international calls much cheaper. And there’s also lower hardware costs and fewer recurring expenses. This is welcome news for businesses that are trying to make every dollar count during and even after the pandemic.

#2 Better portability and mobility

A VoIP number is a virtual number; it has no physical limitations, unlike traditional cabled phones. You can use the same number wherever you go. You can even change business addresses without changing your VoIP number. You are free to move your business as you see fit without the hassle of changing your contact numbers.

And VoIP allows you to make and receive calls from anywhere there’s an internet connection. That frees your staff to work from anywhere, giving your business more flexibility to adjust to the new normal.

#3 Better versatility, more features

VoIP offers advanced features that traditional phones cannot achieve:

  • Call forwarding is more efficient with VoIP because calls are easily routed through the internet, unlike traditional phones that need many cables connecting several phones in different areas.
  • Auto-attendant is like having a digital receptionist, enabling even small businesses to offer enterprise-grade customer service.
  • Conference calls are much cheaper and more efficient with VoIP. Plus, you can do video conferencing with VoIP.
  • You can send files, pictures, or even videos while engaged in a call. You’ll have more integrated meetings with your staff and improved interactions with your clients.
  • Say you want your Florida-based company to do business in Georgia. You can get a VoIP number with a Georgia area code to make your business more attractive to clients in our neighboring state.

#4 Easier to scale up or down

Your VoIP system can easily adjust to the changing demands of your business. You can scale things down during this uncertain period when everyone’s cutting back. But once the economy opens up again, or new business comes in, you can quickly ramp things up without having to purchase new lines or hardware.

#5 Better security

It’s best to partner with a trusted managed IT services provider (MSP) like HERO Managed Services, LLC to take care of your cybersecurity. Our IT experts will ensure that your IT infrastructure, including your VoIP system, is safe from all kinds of cyberthreats. We’ll provide multiple layers of cybersecurity to protect you from cyberattacks, conduct security audits, and train your employees on password best practices.

Worried about cybersecurity?

The first step to ensuring cybersecurity is assessing your business for vulnerabilities. Contact one of our experts for a free IT consultation and find out how to make your IT more productive, your systems more secure, and your tech-related stress minimal.

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As Florida and the rest of the United States continue to cope with the pandemic, businesses are also figuring out how to move forward. While some businesses will require their staff to report to the office, many are considering a mix of office and remote working, as a number of their employees still prefer the safety of working from home. Your business will need the right digital tools to succeed in the new normal.

Do you want your business in Tampa, Sarasota, or Orlando to reap the benefits of VoIP? Then contact us today, and we’ll make sure to modernize your internal and external communications.

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