5 Characteristics every successful team has

May 11th, 2021
5 Characteristics every successful team has

Hiring the people with the best qualifications doesn’t necessarily translate to having a successful team. In fact, you can have individually efficient workers who clash with each other when working together, helping neither your team productivity nor your bottom line. And with the pandemic driving team members to work from separate locations and limiting face-to-face communication, it’s never been more critical to have a team that can deliver results.

To ensure that your team thrives despite the distance, aim to build an environment where the following conditions are met:

1. Everyone communicates openly and honestly

Lack of communication can lead to misunderstanding and conflict. A good team avoids that problem by communicating with each other openly and honestly at all times. Team members understand that communication is key to solving problems and keeping track of tasks, so they keep each other updated on projects, especially ones with dependencies. They also clarify unclear statements or instructions to prevent mistakes that can cause tension between members or delay project timelines.

In a successful team, everyone is given a chance to speak their mind, and no one fears being ridiculed or immediately shut down. There is continuous feedback among managers and peers, helping the team smoothen out misunderstandings and further improve communication processes.

2. There is a common goal and a plan to reach that goal

Successful teams agree on goals with measurable outcomes and results. They also have a clear plan that details how they will achieve their objectives, both individually and as a group. Roles are clearly defined to streamline workflows and prevent redundancy, and colleagues collaborate to solve problems efficiently. Everyone pushes the team in one direction. When there is a conflict of interest, successful teams huddle and figure out how they can continue working toward a common purpose.

3. Diversity is leveraged

While agreeing on a common goal is essential, it shouldn’t come at the cost of suppressing individual ideas or opinions. Instead, everyone’s point of view should be taken into consideration, as a variety of personalities, backgrounds, and skill sets can bring creativity and a range of ideas to the table.

If you want to lead your team to success, make sure that you leverage everyone’s unique knowledge and experiences, such as by assigning particular roles based on your staff’s strengths and skills.

4. Everyone carries their own weight

In every successful team, members understand how their work contributes to the success of the team, and the team appreciates each other’s contributions. Everyone takes their responsibilities seriously and doesn't blame others for their mistakes or failures. There is accountability within the team, and every member is assured that their colleagues will do their tasks on time and according to a set of standards.

When a team member doesn’t do their part, the team suffers. In some cases, colleagues will have to cover up for a slacking member to save a project, which can compromise team rapport. As a leader, you must be able to handle such situations and ensure that everyone contributes to the team based on what's expected of their respective roles.

5. There is great internal and external support

A team needs a supportive climate to succeed. Internally, team members should support each other in their endeavors; for instance, one can lend assistance to a colleague who's having difficulty finishing a task.

Externally, the company should support teams so they can achieve higher peaks. Managers can look into trainings or seminars that will advance their staff’s career, and the human resources department can roll out an incentive program to encourage teams to perform exceptionally well.

Every team needs all the help it can get in order to reach its goals. This is why it’s critical that your company’s IT infrastructure should be able to support your team and enable it to reach its full potential. When you partner with HERO Managed Services, your team will have access to a host of tech solutions that will allow them to improve productivity, work more securely, and collaborate more effectively. Get a FREE IT consultation by calling us today.

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