The benefits of collaborating in the cloud

March 18th, 2020
The benefits of collaborating in the cloud

Leveraging advancements in information technology is more critical than ever for any business seeking to maximize its operational efficiency. Premier among these technologies is cloud computing. Despite the sophistication of the systems and infrastructure that enable it, the premise behind cloud computing is simple — it consolidates data storage and processing into a central location, which is accessed via the internet. The cloud is run and maintained through central, often remote, servers, with individual devices (e.g., PCs, laptops, phones) “streaming” the assets and processes.

That the cloud is not tied to any single physical location or piece of hardware fundamentally alters the way that teams, systems, and organizations interface with their data and applications. Here are some of the ways operational efficiencies can be boosted through collaboration on the cloud.

Information management and organization

Having a single repository for one’s data assets, documents, and applications has immediate organizational benefits in terms of keeping track of their location. Cloud platforms like Office 365, for example, enable users to retrieve specific documents within a database with a simple search query.

What’s more, the cloud minimizes the possibility of multiple versions of files existing, with the single copy, accessible to all required stakeholders, guaranteed to be the latest.

Bypassing storage limitations

With the cloud, the impact of the individual storage capabilities of the devices and physical assets used by the organization is dramatically reduced. Instead, users can access any object stored in the cloud as they become relevant, barring the need to house all documents and applications in a single device.

Cloud providers can also scale up storage space, user counts, and other hardware resources on demand, so businesses have practically boundless room for growth.

Improved resource sharing and accessibility

Relevant stakeholders would be able to access any resources stored in the cloud from any location, using any compatible device, provided they have stable internet access. This would allow teams to work collaboratively unrestrained by physical space or borders.

The cloud dramatically increases the ease with which they share documents, data sets, or tools, given they draw all these from the same shared digital workspace. Instead of emailing each of their colleagues a particular resource, a team member simply needs to upload it to the cloud or save over an existing version, and it would immediately be accessible to all.

Reduction in administrative processes and support

An additional benefit of this streamlining of operations is the reduction in administrative tasks required to support them. Instead of having to ensure every additional computer involved in a project is installed with all necessary applications and data assets, one need only ensure that the shared digital workspace in the cloud is maintained and up to date. Due to the decreased storage and processing requirements, cost investment in physical assets can also be significantly reduced.

Enhanced security

Having digital assets reside in a single, fortifiable location dramatically increases security. The best cloud providers install multiple layers of security — including anti-malware, firewalls, and advanced threat prevention — to defend against a wide range of threats. Backups of all assets would also be guaranteed, minimizing the risk of loss due to unforeseen circumstances.

In contrast, most in-house servers are not protected so thoroughly. Digital assets are also stored in different computers and systems, meaning companies have to secure every possible leak separately.

With these efficiency and cost benefits, the use of cloud computing is a logical investment for any enterprise increasing, or looking to increase, in size or complexity. Contact HERO Managed Services today to gain access to this cutting-edge solution, and we’ll ensure implementation is convenient and hassle-free.

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