Reap these benefits when you hire an IT consulting company

October 1st, 2021
Reap these benefits when you hire an IT consulting company

In the post-pandemic world, new ways of working mean new ways of leveraging technology. But with so many IT solutions to choose from, selecting the right IT solutions and developing your company’s technology roadmap can be daunting and costly.

Fortunately, you can partner with IT experts to create your company's roadmap. Hiring an IT consulting company is an efficient, inexpensive way to get expert advice on developing a technology strategy that aligns with your goals and priorities. IT consultants’ roles and responsibilities are manifold: they manage IT assets, assess cybersecurity risks, and develop guidelines on how best to use technological resources, to name a few.

Here are other ways that hiring an IT consultant can benefit your company.

1. Access to on-demand IT professionals

Your organization may experience a variety of technical problems, such as issues with project management applications, servers, data migration, etc. An in-house IT team may be able to solve some of these problems, but not all. By contrast, hiring an outsourced IT support team ensures you have access to an entire team of professionals adept at addressing myriad IT support requests. Plus, you have the option to hire an outsourced IT team as a standalone team or to augment your IT staff’s capabilities.

For instance, many IT departments today have to deal with remote working staff’s IT support challenges. These include remotely fixing tech issues and securing systems against cyberthreats, among many others. An IT consulting team will have proficient IT personnel who can solve these problems, whereas a small IT team that’s already swamped with slow computer problems and a bunch of other small tech issues may not.

2. Improved business focus

If your practice’s profitability depends on how reliable your software is, choosing the wrong software can result in huge opportunity costs. Suppose you own and operate a small accounting firm. If you’re spending more than you’re gaining from your IT tools, your firm is likely bleeding money. IT consultants can bring in their expertise to choose the right digital platforms, offer round-the-clock support, and secure your infrastructure for you.

3. Increased productivity

The right IT tools can help optimize different business functions such as project planning, marketing, communications, and customer support, which are integral in making sure staff work efficiently. IT consultants can help keep your staff working efficiently by creating a comprehensive technology plan that accounts for the proper implementation of IT systems and tools. They make sure your systems do not suffer from downtime, corrupted data, malfunctioning tech equipment, and a host of other IT issues that hinder staff from working smoothly.

4. Enhanced security

Outsourced IT consultants include a comprehensive security strategy in your IT roadmap that covers staff training, regulatory compliance, cybersecurity policy, and regular IT systems audits. That means you have IT security experts staying on top of your systems’ security.

IT consulting services providers will also account for your organizations’ cybersecurity posture as you deal with changing work setups. If you are transitioning or have transitioned into having a remote workforce or a hybrid setup, IT consultants can take the burden off increasing the security of a remote workforce. They do this by protecting against increased incidents of credential theft, social engineering attacks, which happen to be the most frequent types of attacks in the remote work era.

5. Empowered employees

Experiencing frequent tech malfunctions, not having enough support, and having one’s productivity dip as a result can be incredibly frustrating for employees. This is especially true if they’re expected to deliver top-notch services or to be productive despite challenging working circumstances.

IT consultants not only keep your organization’s computers and networks glitch-free, but they can also assist in keeping your employees empowered by the technologies they use. Employees generally want to develop their digital skills, and with IT consultants contributing their expertise in assisting staff in everything IT-related, companies can turn their learnings into positive results.

6. Reduced IT costs

Post-pandemic, many businesses that are starting to rebuild their strategies want predictable, sustainable IT budgeting. But while many companies want to keep costs low, many also recognize the need to upgrade and adopt necessary technologies post-pandemic.

With IT consulting services, technology spending is, if not vastly reduced, made more predictable. IT consultants will consider your business’s budget concerns when they create a strategy for you. Bear in mind that hiring new IT staff incurs overhead costs for hiring, training, and benefits. Not so when you outsource IT consultants, in which you only pay for the IT services you need when you need them, thus keeping costs low.

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