Network Assessment

Reaching your full business potential starts with knowing how to optimize the heart of your IT infrastructure

In-depth visibility, actionable insights, and strategic planning to optimize and future-proof your network performance and security

With more devices, cloud systems, and mobile workers than ever before, your network is increasingly responsible for your productivity and efficiency. But this also means your network faces increasing demands, volatility, and security threats. Without a detailed picture of your network’s performance, it’s nearly impossible to optimize its design and management, and therefore, to maximize your productivity, agility, and security in a changing world.

But a network assessment from HERO Managed Services LLC can solve these problems. Our experts will assess your entire network infrastructure against your business needs and goals to pinpoint bottlenecks, risks, and opportunities. Whether it’s outdated hardware, inadequate security settings, or insufficient capacity planning, we’ll strategically plan to optimize your network performance and management so it can handle all your current and future business needs.


Our network assessments help you get the security, connectivity, visibility, and bandwidth you always need by:

  • Identifying a normal baseline performance to get the most effective solutions
  • Documenting all network hardware and software for easier maintenance, troubleshooting, and life cycle management
  • Comprehensively assessing your network, including physical layout, structured cabling, power configurations, traffic flows, connectivity, and security practices
  • Providing detailed analysis, insights, and recommendations for all your network assets
  • Devising and proposing a detailed roadmap to optimize and future-proof your network

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