3 Tips for making smarter and more strategic IT decisions

May 30th, 2021
3 Tips for making smarter and more strategic IT decisions

No modern business runs without relying on several IT solutions. In fact, many organizations implement technologies to streamline workflows, improve productivity, increase their bottom line, and drive business growth. Using the right IT is crucial, as insufficient or mismatched technology can cause organizational silos, increase the use of shadow IT, hinder business growth, and accumulate costs. Make smarter tech choices by keeping in mind the following:

1. Make data-driven decisions

Don’t make IT decisions based solely on your instincts. Instead, leverage data to gain actionable insights on business processes, consumer behavior, IT trends, and other critical areas. There is no shortage of data; the key is to be able to sift through this sea of information and find accurate, relevant statistics that will empower you to make the right decisions.

To do so, you must use the best analytics solutions possible. Go beyond spreadsheets and implement powerful, customizable financial or accounting tools that come with reporting capabilities, comprehensive dashboards, and other analytics features. This will help you visualize data better and enable you to make confident forecasts.

Having solid data is also critical in convincing stakeholders to support IT-related decisions. Procuring and implementing tech solutions are rarely cheap, so you will need unshakeable proof that investing in profitable technology.

2. Get rid of inefficiencies

If you were to rebuild your business today, it’s highly likely that you’d make some changes in the way you currently operate and deliver value to customers. Perhaps you’d aim to make your business more agile, so it could adapt more quickly to unforeseen situations such as cyberattacks or natural disasters.

Always approach IT decisions with fresh eyes. Visualize how your organization can reach the next level by peeling away the layers of inefficiencies in order to reveal the core of your operations. By doing so, you can focus on technologies that will not only improve your workflows but also give you a competitive advantage. One of many ways you can do this is by automating responses to basic customer queries to free up valuable resources while revealing how IT may improve communication processes with stakeholders.

3. Seek expert guidance

IT decisions can make or break your company. This is why chief information officers (CIOs) are vital in making sure that a company’s technology roadmap will support both its short- and long-term goals and drive innovation in the organization. CIOs may also analyze a business’s IT infrastructure and processes to build a strategy that leverages technology to outperform rivals. However, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with limited resources may not be able to afford a full-time CIO and benefit from their expertise.

Fortunately, SMBs can now turn to outsourced IT consulting companies to gain guidance from their seasoned consultants. SMBs in Tampa, for instance, can seek expert IT consulting from HERO Managed Services. With advice from our tech professionals, you can create or improve upon your IT roadmap to ensure that your technology will evolve with the times and match your company’s growth.

You will also gain access to a pool of advisors with the knowledge and experience to answer all your tech questions and concerns. The best part? This service has neither hidden costs nor long-term contracts. Also, our experts have low hourly rates — perfect for SMBs that need IT expertise but don’t have a big budget to spare.

Make the most of your technology investments by partnering with an IT expert that can optimize, manage, and protect your systems: HERO Managed Services. Book a FREE consultation with our specialists today, or give us a call at 813-295-2138.

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